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Traditionally, the majority of motor vehicles were sold inside a dealer’s own tax jurisdiction. But over the last decade, the automotive industry has made rapid strides to improve the customer experience by using technology. Many steps of the car buying process have moved online to create an easier buying experience, but one step has lagged behind: the calculation of taxes and registration fees.



ATC is changing that.

Due to its unique insight into transactions that are processed through the DMV, ATC has been able to build a robust tax, taxable value calculation, and registration fee database, as well as a required documents database for every jurisdiction in the country. It can return results to over 15 million-plus unique inquiries and provide information for every DMV in the United States.

Leveraging the power of the ATC API allows digital retailers, lenders, and other automotive technologies to calculate all in-state or out-of-state taxes and registration fees. The ATC API is easily incorporated in your online application and can summarize all information and list of all documents that are needed to complete the titling and registration process.

Benefits of the ATC API include:

  • Daily data authentication

    ATC authenticates and verifies title and registration data daily to keep everything completely up-to-date. We have a dedicated staff that validates DMV requirements, policies and forms so you can be confident our information is current.

  • Enterprise-level support

    ATC data is hosted in a Level 1, cloud-based data center with High Availability, which guarantees 99.9% system uptime. 24 / 7 enterprise-level support and monitoring ensures that when you need ATC, you get ATC.

  • Complete fee and tax data

    All state, county, city combination tax rates, taxable value calculations, title fees, and registration fees built in. Ultimate flexibility, ability to utilize taxes, registration fees, or both.

  • All necessary DMV documentation

    ATC provides all necessary documentation including DMV forms, bills-of-sale, Power of Attorney, etc., to title and register a motor vehicle at any DMV in the US.

How it Works:

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