Making Complex, Simple.

ATC simplifies auto titling and registration nationwide and makes the complex, simple with our advanced technology and services.


Simple Processing.

When ATC handles your out-of-state title and registration, you enjoy a huge time savings. ATC manages all DMV follow-up and leg work for your team so they can focus on other aspects of your dealership’s business.

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Simple API Access.

Leveraging the power of the ATC API allows digital retailers, lenders, and other automotive technologies to calculate all in-state or out-of-state taxes and registration fees in your online application.

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50 states. All DMVs. More than nineteen million-plus different combinations of rules, laws, requirements, and forms, all driven by the vehicle, location, type of transaction, etc. And let’s not forget about all of the state and local taxes! It adds up to in-state or out-of-state title and registration being a complex endeavor.

As the original provider of nationwide titling and registration data and services, ATC has had the unique ability to develop offerings that help dealers, digital retailers, automotive technologies, and lenders, navigate these difficult waters.

Use Automotive Titling Company (ATC) to simplify nationwide auto title and registration and make the complex, simple with our advanced technology and services!

At CarGurus, we strive to bring transparency to the car shopper in all aspects of the car-buying journey and ensure a seamless transition as a shopper moves from online to offline. Our dealers are more successful when car shoppers are not...

Juliet Bentley

Sr. Manager Strategic Partnerships, CarGurus
Cambridge, MA

Accurate pricing is the foundation of any great digital retailing solution, which means that taxes and registration fees have to be spot on in every state and for every customer. ATC has been instrumental in delivering this data seamlessly. Not only do they...

Chris Ciccone

Director, Vehicle Data and Content, Roadster
San Francisco, CA

We partnered with ATC to provide the taxes and fees within our native ecommerce solution, APEX. ATC has the highest quality tax/fee data in the industry, so partnering with them to power APEX was an easy decision. Our experience with the ATC team has been great and we look...

Christina Cuatto

Product Manager, DealerOn
Derwood, MD

Digital Motors provides car dealerships, dealer groups, manufacturers and others with plug & play online stores to augment their existing websites. Our configurable SaaS platform enables end-to-end transactability for automotive brands. Digital Motors presents transactable lease and finance payments tailored to each specific vehicle in a dealer’s inventory,...

Nicholas Stellman

Chief Operating Officer, Digital Motors
Irvine, CA

Service. Technology. Results.

ATC is your connection to the DMV and provides you all the information you need to title and register a vehicle in every DMV in the country. Our out-of-state titling services, APIs, and other technologies make this complex process simple.

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