[Calculating taxes and registration fees for over 11,000 tax jurisdictions is burdensome and time-consuming.]

Benefits of ATC’s DMV Data API include:
  • Daily data authentication: our dedicated staff authenticates and verifies title and registration data daily.
  • Enterprise-level support: 24/7 monitoring.
  • Complete, up-to-date fee and tax data: state, county, and city combination tax rates, taxable value calculations, and title and registration fees.
  • Access to comprehensive DMV documentation: all necessary documentation, including DMV forms, bills-of-sale, and Power of Attorney, to obtain a title and registration at any DMV in the U.S.

With ATC’s DMV Data API solution, automotive SaaS companies can access our robust tax, taxable value calculation, and registration fee database, as well as our required documents database for every jurisdiction in the country. We support over 19 million unique inquiries and have information on every DMV in the United States. This solution is ideal for SaaS providers looking to provide a seamless experience for car buyers.

You’ll have access to the most comprehensive database of title and registration-related data, including:

[Fee data]

  • Every city, county, and state combination
  • Tax rates
  • Taxable value calculations that include over 50 variables such as extended warranties, rebates, and protection packages
  • Registration fees that include over 15 variables, including weight, cylinders, and commercial title fees
  • Property taxes
  • Remittance information

[Supporting documents]

  • Complete instructions specific for individual transactions
  • Required inspections
  • Title instructions
  • Odometer instructions
  • Notary requirements
  • Original vs. copy signatures
  • Personal ID requirements
  • Power of attorney
  • State-specific bill of sale

[DMV forms with auto-populate functionality]

  • Tax forms
  • Title applications
  • Buyer/seller/dealer forms
  • Miscellaneous non-DMV forms