Why ATC?

Service. Technology. Results.

Every state and county (and many cities) have their own unique set of document requirements, forms, taxes and registration fees required to title and register a motor vehicle. ATC is your connection to the DMV and provides you all the information you need to title and register a vehicle in every DMV in the country. Our out-of-state titling services, APIs, and other technologies make this complex process simple.

ATC Highlights:

  • Trusted by thousands of dealerships, lending institutions, digital retailers, and automotive technology companies
  • REST-based APIs for tax, title and license (TT&L) calculations and documents for every jurisdiction in the U.S
  • Enterprise-level infrastructure support
  • Live customer service representatives available to answer your questions, 7a – 5p MT (9a – 7p ET) Monday through Friday
  • Rapid notification from an ATC titling expert when vehicle files are incomplete.
  • Tracking of paperwork through the entire process for accurate status and completion timelines, available online 24/7/365
  • Cloud-based technology that can be accessed from anywhere

When you work with ATC, success will show on your bottom line. Our title and registration technology gives your organization the power to handle fee calculations and required DMV documents on the fly, or you can leverage our out-of-state services team to handle every transaction for you.

Service. Technology. Results.

ATC simplifies your nationwide auto title and registration and solves the last mile of the car buying experience for your customer.