FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

FAQ for Dealer Services:

Q: What guarantees do you offer?

A: ATC guarantee that the title is done correctly, the lien is perfected, and the buyer information is complete. Infrequently, the DMV or ATC will make an error. If this happens, we will fix the error at our cost.

Q: How current is your information?

A: ATC authenticates our data daily. Every day, our staff is in touch with DMVs, tax services, and local title services throughout the country.

Q: How detailed is your “how to” information?

A: ATC takes into account a wide variety of variables from your query, such as state, county and city, transaction type (lease or purchase), weight of vehicle, type of vehicle, type of plate needed, military, business, etc. The results you get are tailored to your specific transaction.

Q: Are your services for automotive businesses only? Can you process a title and registration for me?

A: No, our web services are designed specifically for licensed auto dealers, fleet management, auto credit and consumer auto web services that process in-state and out-of-state titles and registrations.

Q: What vehicle types can ATC title and register?

A: We provide services for vehicles that are registered through the DMV, so we can handle title and registration transactions for passenger cars, light trucks, motorcycles, commercial vehicles, and RVs. ATC does not handle the title and registration for Cab & Chassis, 18-wheelers or boats.

Q: Does ATC offer services for leased vehicles as well as purchased vehicles?

A: Yes, we offer the same services for both leased and purchased vehicles.

Q: Can you help with Canadian titles and registrations?

A: No, at this time our services are available in the US only, including Alaska and Hawaii.

Q: Why do title and registration at the same time?

A: A title deals with the ownership of a car and tells the state who the owner is and what liens are on the vehicle. A vehicle registration is linked to the license plates on the vehicle. The registration provides revenue for the state and a valid non-expired plate is evidence that the owner is current on registration fees. Many states require both title and registration to be done at the same time, and there is different documentation required for each process.

FAQ for API Technologies:

Q: Do you base taxes and fees off of the zip code?

A: We do have a zip code decoder on the front end of the API, but our taxes and fees are based on the municipalities' jurisdictions. Remember that zip code boundaries do not follow the same lines which would make for a less accurate quote. This is why we follow the state, county, and city borders to ensure the most accurate response possible.

Q: How often is your data updated?

A: ATC monitors and changes data for any DMV jurisdiction in the country in real-time as they are changed.

Q: How accurate is your data?

A: ATC constantly works to provide the most accurate automotive tax and registration values as possible. That being said, the values returned in the ATC API may vary based on the variables sent to ATC as well as what the data is being compared to. ATC bases our data off of the DMV receipt of real transactions.