Propelled by consumer demand and buying behavior, the auto industry has become more transparent during the entire car buying process. One particular challenge to transparency is showing buyers tax and fee data that reflects what they see on their DMV receipt.

Current solutions have tried and failed to piecemeal accurate data together through third-party vendors, internal teams, and other sources – but still fall short. New companies are created every day to help facilitate transparency with credit pulls, financing, desking, and other tasks, but to this point, no one has been able to accurately mirror a car buyer’s DMV receipt at the time of registration.

Until now.

The ATC Granular Fees (AGF) API was built from the ground up  – specifically focusing on DMV receipts in every jurisdiction for each type of transaction. Leveraging over 20 years of expertise in tax title and registration. ATC has real data based on vehicle registration transactions completed at DMVs across the country every day. Our data is arranged in a database that can be easily accessed through an API that provides our customers the ability to configure the granular detail based on use case.

This new API will give our customers the ability to calculate tax rates, taxable value calculations, local flat taxes, and registration fees, at a more granular level to mirror DMV receipts.

The AGF API easily integrates into online applications and allows you to:

  • Choose the granular level of fees in the API response. AGF can return over a hundred fees in specific jurisdictions, broken out line-by-line, or rolled up into a single number, All configurable based on your needs.
  • See important notes, such as qualifications to receive military waivers and discounts in particular jurisdictions.

Technology has helped us come a long way from the time when the only cars you could buy were the ones on the dealer’s lot! At ATC, we help companies sell more cars to consumers whether they are 2 miles away, or 802 miles away.

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