ATC Fast Data Provides Banks and Credit Unions the Most Accurate Nationwide Title and Registration Data Available All in One Platform

Car and truck titling and registration is a complicated process and exceptionally time-consuming. As direct lending and online car sales skyrocket, additional pressure is put...

March 10, 2021, DMV, Fast Data, In the News

Tax, Title and License (TT&L) is a Critical “Final Mile” Component of the Online and Offline Vehicle Buying Experience

Tax, Title and License (TT&L) is complex but is a very important component of the car buying process, because it is often the last experience...

October 27, 2020, DMV

The Auto Titling Corporation ATC Granular Fees API Brings the Next Generation of Transparency to the Car Buying Experience

Propelled by consumer demand and buying behavior, the auto industry has become more transparent during the entire car buying process. One particular challenge to transparency...

August 25, 2020, ATC API, DMV