Our last ATC blog post covered electric vehicle registration fees added by the states to make up for lost gas tax revenues, since EVs don’t pay them. In this post, we will inform you about tax incentives for EV purchases. EV adoption is increasing, and the federal government recently enacted a ten-year extension of federal […]
Both the federal government and U.S. states collect tax revenue on gasoline sales to pay for road maintenance and improvements, but as more and more electric vehicles are sold, collecting the gas tax will get harder and harder. As a result, states have begun charging an extra fee to register an EV to compensate for […]
The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has proposed a new rule related to the sale, financing, and leasing of motor vehicles aimed at dealers. The proposed rule would bar dealers from “making certain misrepresentations in the course of selling, leasing, or arranging financing for motor vehicles, require accurate pricing disclosures in dealers’ advertising and sales discussions, […]
This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone, but men and women are different, and this holds true when buying a vehicle. In this blog post, we illuminate a few differences between how men and women buy cars so your dealership can help each in their purchase journey.  New or used? According to a survey […]
Automotive Titling Company (ATC), the industry leader in technology solutions for processing tax, title, and registration for out-of-state vehicle purchases, announced today that it has appointed Kane McCord as chief executive officer and a member of its Board of Directors. A consumer technology veteran, McCord brings more than 20 years of experience leading technology companies […]
It has been said over and over that electric vehicles are the future. Has your dealership started selling them yet? As major manufacturers and start-ups introduce more and more EV models, you undoubtedly will. This blog post is meant to help you think about what you need to do and know to confidently sell electric […]
In this post, we’d like to talk about three types of goats. First, sports GOATs – Greatest Of All Time athletes. This topic creates debates all the time; in living rooms, bars, at games… But we’re not going to do that – the topic exists in this post purely as an example. In basketball, is the GOAT Michael Jordan […]
Every industry has its own lingo. Sometimes it’s used as verbal “shorthand” that conveys direct meaning. Other times it’s used as code that communicates a hidden message. Regardless, when people buy a car, they often hear terms that make no sense to them, so we put together this list of dealership lingo and what the […]
Electric vehicles are the future. The combination of technology advances and high gas prices are making more buyers switch to EVs. EV registrations grew 60% in the 1st quarter of 2022 with 35,000 EV sales. Nearly every vehicle manufacturer has pledged that its offerings will increasingly become electric. GM has said 40% of U.S. models […]
America of the 20th century was built around the automobile and it influenced just about every aspect of our lives. But sadly, there are some parts of our shared automotive car culture that are gone forever. Take a trip back in time. Which of these aspects of automotive culture make you long for the “good old […]