The Elf on the Shelf – the adorable holiday tradition featuring a grinning elf that watches and protects your home during the day and moves around at nighttime – got us thinking that our Dealer Dashboard is kind of like that; always watching your out-of-state transactions to keep them on track. But in a good […]
Automotive Titling Company (ATC) is pleased to offer Title Only and Lease Buyout functionality to the ATC platform to help make these complex transactions, simple! “This is something that had been available to dealers for a while, but the process was very manual, and to be honest, a bit time-consuming,” said Marcus Alley, VP Strategic […]
What hasn’t the internet changed? It has had profound effects on how we shop, go to work, and even though some people thought it would never happen, how we buy our cars and trucks. eCommerce is a quarter century old, and started with us buying simple things, like books, music, booking travel, and maybe, if […]
Automotive Title Company (ATC) works with the DMV every day and we think it gets a bad rap. Sure, it can be frustrating working through the red tape and bureaucracy, but the reason the DMV was conceived was to keep us all safe. With that in mind, we thought that a history of the DMV […]
Auto Titling Company (ATC) exists to provide accurate tax, title, and registration fee information to make the car buying experience easier for shoppers and more profitable for dealers, lenders, and auto technology companies. The story we have told for years has always centered on how accurate TT&L data can improve the buying experience and having […]
Buying a car can be a frustrating experience. The process is complex, time-consuming, and for many people, filled with fees they don’t understand. Since ATC exists to provide accurate tax, title, and registration fee information to make the car buying experience easier, we thought we’d cover all the fees that are part of most car […]
The only constant in life is change. Cliché? Maybe. True? Absolutely, especially in the automotive industry the last decade or so. In general, car buyers become familiar with new models through commercials, ads, or word of mouth. When they are in the market for a new car, they do research before heading to the dealership […]
Here at ATC, we’re often asked: “Can I just use a ZIP Code to calculate vehicle taxes and registration fees?” The short answer to this question is “Not if you want accurate results.” ZIP Codes are an easy data point to capture from consumers, but this is just the starting point when it comes to […]