Electric vehicles are the future. The combination of technology advances and high gas prices are making more buyers switch to EVs. EV registrations grew 60% in the 1st quarter of 2022 with 35,000 EV sales. Nearly every vehicle manufacturer has pledged that its offerings will increasingly become electric. GM has said 40% of U.S. models […]
America of the 20th century was built around the automobile and it influenced just about every aspect of our lives. But sadly, there are some parts of our shared automotive car culture that are gone forever. Take a trip back in time. Which of these aspects of automotive culture make you long for the “good old […]
2021 was a strange year in the automotive industry. We had to deal with COVID, chip shortages, supply chain issues, the Great Resignation – but still, vehicle buyers showed up at dealerships and bought cars and trucks. The list of the Top 10 best-selling vehicles from 2021 doesn’t hold many surprises but does show recent […]
In our last blog post, “Vehicle Buyer (and Dealership) Pain Points,” we mentioned how technology has made buying easier for consumers; order something online today, and it arrives tomorrow. Consumers are looking for a similar level of convenience when buying a car – but only to a point. According to the Deloitte 2021 Global Automotive […]
Technology has made buying things easy: order just about anything online, and it appears at your door the next day (or sooner!) Increasingly, consumers are looking for the same level of convenience when buying a car – but the automotive industry hasn’t kept up with the technology to do so. As a result, vehicle buyers […]
The last few years have seen unprecedented events affect the automotive industry, from COVID, to the growing influence of digital retailing, to the chip shortage impacting production. In this blog post, we summarize how things went in the first quarter of 2022. Supply and Demand. There’s plenty of demand for new vehicles, but the supply […]
“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…” is how Charles Dickens’ classic “A Tale of Two Cities” begins. For this blog post, the Automotive Titling Company (ATC) is taking some poetic license and titling our post, “A Tale of Two City’s Vehicle Tax, Title and License Fees.” It is meant […]
The Elf on the Shelf – the adorable holiday tradition featuring a grinning elf that watches and protects your home during the day and moves around at nighttime – got us thinking that our Dealer Dashboard is kind of like that; always watching your out-of-state transactions to keep them on track. But in a good […]
Automotive Titling Company (ATC) is pleased to offer Title Only and Lease Buyout functionality to the ATC platform to help make these complex transactions, simple! “This is something that had been available to dealers for a while, but the process was very manual, and to be honest, a bit time-consuming,” said Marcus Alley, VP Strategic […]
What hasn’t the internet changed? It has had profound effects on how we shop, go to work, and even though some people thought it would never happen, how we buy our cars and trucks. eCommerce is a quarter century old, and started with us buying simple things, like books, music, booking travel, and maybe, if […]